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Amr Salem

Patent, Trademark, Copyright & Business Counsel 


About Us:

Amr Law Office is a business-oriented Cairo based IP & law office serving a national and international blue chip client base of large corporations and individuals.

Amr Law Office is recommended as one of the best represented IP law office which has a long and proved track record in the area of intellectual property rights. In the past number of years our strong IP practice group, which build our office's reputation, has opened up and led to what our office can now render to our multinational clients of corporate and civil law field. In less than five years Amr Law Office has gone from a niche IP office to a full-services law office. 


In addition, among the areas of legal consultation are: Islamic law, commercial agreements, cooperation agreements, establishment of Egypt entity and Egyptian operations, litigation risk management, telecom, oil, gas, energy and IT business.

In early 2002, Amr Salem who founded the office began practice alone in the area of intellectual property field and has acquired a wide reputation in this field both internationally and locally. Through years, we expanded our service to be included complex litigation, commercial arbitration and mediation, corporate acquisitions, joint venture. We kept on growing ever since.                            

Our expanded experience supports us in addressing the client's needs. We know law top to bottom and leverage that knowledge to address new and anticipated lawsuits. The attorneys and staff in our office take a great pride in our reputation for excellence, expertise and quality service.

With three partners, Amr Law Office is one of Egyptian's most insightful intellectual property firms. 


Why we:


Our commitment to our existing and future clients is unyielding in providing them top-quality services at very competitive rates in an efficient, ethical, and practical manner.  The greater reason behind our success lies in giving client care top priority. It is critical that the client be promptly informed of all development as they may occur and advised of immediate action dates in order that their instructions may be timely received.


Our attorneys are respected for a range of expertise & armed with enough knowledge of law including technical legal know-how. They are able to advice on several area of law at the same time due to their profound experience and their commercial awareness with a secured innovative legal solution.  Besides, their attitude to try and think outside of the box all the time is a very striking thing. Surly that does not mean we are going to come up with something nobody's ever thought of before, but we might see a familiar problem from a new angle.  We scrupulously make sure our client's goal is attainable and his case is assessed before taking on the matter.


We aware and appreciate the fact that the today's clients are becoming more price-conscious, so we are intend to offer them our service in cost-effective manner. Some of our services are offered on a fixed price basis whilst others are subject to resort to tick-tock of our lawyers' highly competitive hourly fee rate. 

The success of our office relies heavily on trust, honesty and a high standard of behavior.

Try before you buy We provide some initial free consultation time. In ending, the clients of us trust us not to do anything unnecessary just to make money


Office Partners:

Salem, Ibrahim A.: He specialize in the most important facet of intellectual property rights, namely, plant verities rights (PVRs). He graduated in 1959, with honorable from the Agriculture Collage, Alexandria University and had been pursued his skills until grant PhD from the Iowa State University, USA May 1966. his long experience in agriculture field including crop production help inventors/ breeders filing a plant variety applications.

Salem, Amr I.: He is considered a go-to lawyer with a wide experience in various areas of law with strong exposure to commercial aspects. After graduated with LLB law degree he has been rambled on many private practices where he managed to hone his skills. He was an officer member of CONFIRMING DEPARTMENT ON MILITARY SENTENCE and founded the office by the end of year 2001, and since then we worked on understating the business side's legal needs to gain clients' confident. He has the right of audience before appellate court.   

Salem, Hesham I.: born Giza, Egypt, 1975. A licensed patent agent and is accountable for trademark clients, and has achieved important expertise in this field including trademarks registrations, drafting assignment, licensing agreements, filing and defending against registration oppositions.


Key Practice Areas:

1.     Intellectual Property  


We provide a "one-stop" service counter where the client may have all intellectual property
related needs addressed and dealt with.


The office is experienced in obtaining domestic patents, trademarks and copyrights
registrations, and our attorneys are handle preparing and filing trademark/patent applications up to and beyond the registration, besides they can assist you in opposition, appeals,
infringement and cancellation cases related to. Also, our patent attorneys can fully grasp
the legal issues for the license/transfer of your piece of IPRs.


When it comes to PCT applications and international trademarks and service marks
applications, we can provide the following services:-

      - Filing and processing PCT national phase applications.
      - Handle the said applications through to grant.
      - Defending against international registration official actions whenever designating
        Egypt on the basis of Madrid Agreement and represent you in enforcement and validity
        related cases.


2.     Corporate


We major in establishment of businesses and handle our clients’ on-going Commercial
objectives. Specifically, we provide the following service:-


a.     Advice on the most appropriate legal entity;

b.     Draft all the documentation required to set up a new business;

c.     Issue work permits for foreign partners;

d.     Handle post-establishment business’s matters;

e.     Franchise agreements;

f.      Acquisitions and mergers; and

g.     Shares sale & purchase agreement and conduct a legal DD.



3.     Litigation and Disputes Resolution


      Our office can handle the full range of complex and significant disputes. We always consider
      ADR as a means to resolve our clients' struggles.  

      Our approach to litigation and dispute resolution is that prevention is better than cure. We
      provide litigation risk management counter to avoid unnecessary legal battles and to ensure
      a successful outcome.

      We go through the collection of facts subject to conflict and propose the best line of
      argument which ensures your receiving relief through the courts.


      We draft pleadings and represent our clients in the law courts.



4.     Real Estate


Recording your ownership is a must-have to ensure your permanent and absolute tenure of
it with freedom to dispose of it at will or to pass property rights through inheritance.


Non-registered dispositions shall merely give rise to personal contractual right on the part of
the vendor to have ownership transferred to you.


Before purchasing of real estate, let us shake down the vendor’s contract number, its legal
title or the power of its representative to pass legal title and to making sure that there is no
cloud on title. Then we can draft your free hold property/lease hold contract.


We can represent you before the relevant Notary Public's office "The Shahr Akari" to legally perfect the transfer of the ownership of your property in your name.





Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any inquiry or question at:

Tel: (202) 3337 8961          Fax: (202) 3749 9117
E-mail: ip@amrlawoffice.com                              
Web www.amrlawoffice.com


Mail Address: Please send parcels and mail letters at 13, El Fawakeh Street, Flat no. 1, Dokki
12311 Giza – Egypt
IP-coster member (www.ip-coster.com)







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